10492288_827902820554177_496949514869694903_nWelcome to Better Health Technologies. We are a research and technology clinical institute that engineers its equipment with wellness as our goal. We have multiple technologies to share with you, from our Hypersonic Sphere, the Non-Electric Photocatalictic Air Filtration Systems, Antimicrobial Solutions, and our Organic Plant Nutrients and Hydroponic Growing Systems. From the ground up we have products to support your future in wellness.

We are a behavioral research facility where we are using our equipment to research and prove the process with documented studies.  With the knowledge of the Tesla Energy Technologies and Science studied over 40 years we have gained the ability to prove and enhance the Tesla’s Concepts for today.   The Hypersonic Sphere helps with quantum electron physics to enhance the tranquility in order to absorb the frequencies around the body without interference. Frequencies are injected into the sphere along with slightly hyperbaric and environmental controlled processes. Our Sensory Perception Process where subtle energy light and vibrational coil system, produces subtle energy are projected into the room, acoustical based system with music is used to enhance the tones and experience.

Hypersonic Sphere

Better Health Technologies is dedicated to new technology in the Behavioral and Bio-Energetic field.  Dr. Herman L. Cox is a doctor of both Engineering Science and also of Behavioral Psychology.  He has developed the Hypersonic U-76 Sphere System, which was designed to help control the environment the patient is being tested in.  With over 40 …

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Sensory Perception

Light tones of blue, red, or violet are turned on above you through Dr. Herman L. Cox, subtle energy lights, helping to push the energy around the room and bring energy up in the body. Acoustical vibrations as well as physical vibrations surround you during this therapy session.

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Better Health Technologies Filters are devices that trap, encapsulate and destroys bacteria, without electricity. Better Health Filters are devices that trap, encapsulate and destroys bacteria, pathogens, odors, absorbs ethylene and other gases with bio-organic and microbial molecules controlled and destroyed. Better Health Filter devices are photocatalytic, electrostatic, venturi vessels that are regenerative and very effective …

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Qu-Bit 300

Total Immersion Quantum Reset Environment Unit The Qu-BIT 300 is a state-of-the-art wellness device that fuses five subtle energy technologies to restore the Human Bio-field. Bio-physicists believe that the bio-field is an intelligent and self-organizing structure responsible for managing all body function, including cell dynamics, biochemical reactions, movement of vital energy, emotions, and physical coordination. The Qu-BIT …

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Vital Shield Nano TiO2 Antibacterial Treatment & Decontamination Better Health Technologies Vital Shield product line contains TiO2 to decontaminate surfaces, after the spray is used a micro fiber cloth helps to spread the product over the surface.  Research has shown that Titanium is the eighth most abundant element in the earths crust and consequently spontaneously …

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