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Hypersonic Sphere

Hypersonic Sphere U76 front view open

Hypersonic U-76 Sphere

Better Health Technologies is dedicated to new technology in the Behavioral and Bio-Energetic field.  Dr. Herman L. Cox is a doctor of both Engineering Science and also of Behavioral Psychology.  He has developed the Hypersonic U-76 Sphere System, which was designed to help control the environment the patient is being tested in.  With over 40 years of research and experience in the Environmental Control Systems Science Field; a very important accomplishment was made.  Frequency applications cannot be controlled due to the surrounding environment and the offset of neutrinos bombarding the subject matter.  Continuous research in the frequency healing fields have mostly proven that direct contact or close tolerance treatments have an effective result.  The Better Health Science and Research reflects a different option; the control of the environment and subjected matter requires shielding of outside interference and the tranquility of the matter to be tested and treated.  The other factors are many and require proper sequence alignments for success. We know that frequencies can heal due to diseases and aliments requiring a frequency to exist.  A subject matter requires stabilization and mild surroundings to accomplish such a stable environment.  The Better Health Hypersonic Sphere can achieve the ultimate environment for maximum performance.


Why: Environmental Control Spheres

– Spherical low energy (ORBITAL) contour representations.

– Specific Energy – The electrons movement in circular orbits around the nucleus.

– Membrane potential – The correction of uneven distribution of electrical energy around the across the matter for controlled response.

– Atomic Absorption and emission activity within a containment vessel.

– Macroscopic object measurement – The quantum theories of lost and gain can become noticed.

– Electromagnetic Radiation and spectrum control.

– Photoelectric Frequency of lights contained and orbital distribution.

Hypersonic Sphere U76 side filter

Air Decontamination System


– Internal Chamber has to be in a constant “decontamination” process. The BHT decontamination chamber is in line to air circulation input and exhaust for system run time decontamination.

– Prior to entry and at exit a TiO2 Nano fog applied with proper surface dry sequence.

– Tranquil tones and cosmic light sequences applied at fade in to a osculating mass process.

– Space tones of movement though space applied for feel of weightless effects in tranquil travel.

– Rotational pinging of Frequencies chosen for parasite and organism disruption or to stall activity of such organisms.

– Generated air to oxygen applied to calm and purity air intake to body. Applied through a misting jet system in proximity to upper body inhalation process.

Hypersonic Sphere U76Research Solutions:

–  Tranquil Mind and Mood; the nervous systems are at a relaxed state.

–  Drugless mood altering effectiveness.

–  Social and physical science can be formulated in data and applied in a uncomplicated approach.

–  Shielded external environment for controlled test and treatment.

–  Positive tones and light moods surround the nucleus.

–  Frequency directional applications contained without interference.

–  Treatments can be custom formulated.