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Director – Dr. Herman L. Cox, EngScD, PsyDSc

Dr. Herman L. Cox, Eng.Sc., PsyD.Sc.

Dr. Herman L. Cox,           EngScD., PsyDSc.

Dr. Herman Lee Cox, EngScD.,PsyDSc. is the Director of Better Health Technologies, LLC.

Dr. Cox has a Doctoral Degree in Engineering Science, which has given him the knowledge to build and construct the equipment and other inventions he has developed and patented.  Dr. Cox, also has a Doctoral Degree in Psychology Science he uses his knowledge in this field to guide clients into a better overall wellness from a behavioral aspect. And his past Military experiences with aeronautics has also enhanced his vast education in frequencies and electronics.

His vision is to help with the wellness of others through science and technologies using frequencies, light and sound therapies.  He built the Hypersonic Sphere with the theory that using the equipment available today to test clients is not always accurate without the client being tested in a closed environment. The Hypersonic Sphere has been used in the Research Clinic with positive results using frequencies and acoustical vibrations, along with color and light therapy.