Hydroponics, Organics, and Bacterial Solutions for Safe and Productive Agriculture

– Hydroponics is the way to sustainable safe, food sources that are regenerative and environmentally sound.

Hydroponic Advantages
– Contaminant Free
– Nutrient Controlled
– Pest Control with Beneficial insects and natural Non-Toxic inputs

– Hydroponic Float Tray and Raft Grow Platform Systems for fresh cut herbs, salad greens and other edibles.

– Organic and conventional grown bedding plants, potted plants, annuals, foliage, vegetables, herbs, fruit trees, landscaping and ornamentals with beyond organic inputs and pest controls.



Hydroponic Table

Design Plans for a 4 x 8 Hydroponic Table         Materials for 4’ x 8’ Hydroponic Table (Ask your Local Home Center to help you cut this table to size, and possibly deliver quote it, cut it deliver it) Part Description 1. Tank Bottom:  Min. 1/2″ Ply board  4′ x 8′ Sheet …

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